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Stress Management | Origin: ML136

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Stress Management

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

I learned to set smaller goals. Breath and its ok to talk to boss about isssues. 

Stress related issues can be reolved with some simple personal exercises

I need to take breaks if I feel overwhelmed and need to step back. Tips on dealing with a negative enviroment are great! 

I found the stop, breathe, reflect and choose method to be very helpful. I plan on using this method when I experience stres in the office.

I always thought that Stress is Negative but from here I learnt that it could be Positive too. To me, this is significant learning.

There was an encyclopedia of data in this module. Ir could have been acieved with less stress on the individyual if it were written in two parts. Other than the lengthy dialogue, the information was fairly informative.

I learned how to mange stress effectively. How to identify they way my body is responding to stress. To stop breathe reflect and choose how I am going to respond to every situation. What is good stress and what is toxic worry and how it can negatively effect my health and overall productivity. 

Great course, stepping back and looking at the big picture. I'm learning how to manage stress effectively. A lot of great information to use in my situation. Stop Breathe and Reflect is so helpful to me.

The difference between positive stress and toxic worry.  Get the facts, make a plan and knowing how to let it go when there isn't anything I can do about a problem. Just let it go!  Stop, Breath, Reflect and choose.  How stress can affect us physically and not just mentally.

I have learned that to manage stress I must reduce my productivity.


I learned to try and not worry as much.

I learned the negative effects stress has on the body. I was of the opinion that you don't share your feelings and stresses with coworkers or burden your family member with your stresses. I have learned form this course that it is beneficial to talk to others about your worries. Talking relieves stress.

i learned to make a to do ist EACH day and prioritize goals instead of monthly Also to avoid being drawn into additional tasks 

I've learned that small activities, such as taking deep breathes, can actually help.  After reflecting on myself, I've realized that I've set higher standards/expectations on myself than perhaps actually placed upon me.  Still have work to do to manage my stress level.


Maintaining an even keel and letting things slide off and repeat positive affirmations.  Exercise and eat healthy foods.  All great advice.


It's been a tough year, with a monumental learning curve.  I need to not let work overwhelm everything else.  I plan on working on a better balance between work and the rest of my life.  I've already added some of the stress deduction techniques.  But  have found others that I'll be adding.



I always knew how to deal with stress and anxiety however, dealing with it daily makes you forget and focus on the stressor, give in to what will make you feel more energized, easy and less task taking at the end of the day. Coffee, junk food and not doing anything after a long day of work. Which adds to your stress and anxiety. The Covid19 pandemic did not help and made it worse. This course reminded me that its time to refocus and re-assess the way I approach my team and my work. Good health is very important and will help me cope up with the demands of work at the end.


I learned strategies on how to manage stress. Also, if after taking a moment to stop and breathe, trying your best, and realizing that some things are just beyond your control, then you have to let go.


Stress can lead to physical burdens. It's encouraged to step away, breathe for a moment, reflect, and move forward with whatever has caused the stress ... sending a reply to an email that angers us a minute after receiving it may not be the right choice. Doing so can create tension that could've been avoided.  It's best to step away: push yourself away from the desk, breathe and think, and then perhaps send a reply that will be a bit more calming, yet professional. 

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