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Difficult Interactions | Origin: ML122

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Difficult Interactions

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I like the idea of deciding which situations are worth spending time and energy to resolve.

The techniques covered in this training (specifically listening skills and changing your own behavior) were particularly helpful.

The techniques taught gave me pause to reflect on how I engage in difficult interactions with superiors and now have some good tools to implement into future conversations.

From ths course, I learned that it is important to think about the cause of negative interactions.


I have been reminded that it isn't my job to "fix" the issue but to help facilitate an environment that allows the others involved to come together to talk it out and come up with solutions together.  

The training that I covered in this course is very helpful in my daily days.

This is a relly good training. I learned a good information about interactions with others and the correct way to manage difficults situacions with pees, managers and any people in work.

Excellent reminders of techniques used to engage difficult interactions and situations. Engaging with peers, managers, and customers in a positive way after issues arise is also highly important!

I always knew it was important to identify different objectives and positions that can lead to conflict, but this course has helped me see how important it is to also lay out the emotions stirred up by conflict as well, and more importantly, strive to really understand everyone's emotions, not just your own.


The coarse help me very much.



The insight this course gives regarding how important these interactions are to the employee as well as the culture is very helpful. 


I will give it a try with my own difficult situation at work.

The course provided me with a different option of how to handle bad relationships in the workplace.

Conflict is normally caused by misunderstanding. Getting to the root cause and finding solutions to these problems can help to make the workplace a more productive environment. Identifying conflict is important and focus should be given to the differences and underlying intentions when attempts are being made to to resolve conflict.




It is important to think about the cause of negative interactions.  Body language is also important when dealing with conflict.

This course has given me options on how to resolve different and difficult situations with employees and how to come to an amicable solution. 

Don't let things fester; keep moving forward!


When there is an issue, I will let the team correct the issue instead of me taking over and forcing my solution on everyone


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