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Coaching Skills

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Es importante tener un coachin que este velando por nuestro trabajo, cuando estamos cargados o no sabemos como decir que es mucho peso el que tiene en hombros, es de vital importancia que las empresas tengan esa persona que ayude a los empleados a mejorar cada dia.

Coaching skills are very important when we are instructors.This helps us to know when coaching is required ,how to initiate that and how to coach and get the best response.Also it helps to make best use of coaching opportunities.

I will utilize coaching as an opportunity to foster a positive work culture to cultivate greater job satisfaction and motivation.


I particularly benefitted from the section that identified when to coach. Often times coaching fails because the timing is wrong. This was a very valuable training that I will go back to often


I have learned how to effectivily communicate with my team, how to be a positive infulence and help others succeed. 


Coaching is a great way to help your team with their goals so everyone succeeds. 


an essential point was the difference between evaluation and mentoring. If one is receiving a performance review, coaching is a separate experience. so vital to separate the person from the behavior, so that what they do is not who they are.

From this course, I have learned that I do have the potential to coach others. I have also learned that encouraging others is a core part of coaching.


Coaching takes a good deal of time. 

Coaching is a great way for people to open up and for you to listen to what they are telling you and to help in finding situation with the help of the other person that can benfit with you and the other person's goals. 

Coaching has always been an effective way to help your direct reports.  I found the class informative in helping others to achieve their goals.


In this course I have learned the various levels of coaching in leadership and knowing what technique to use when is crucial to the success of a coahee. 


How you coach has a signifant impact on the performance and satifaction of coachees.

How you coach an employee has a direct impact on how their performance will be and the production of your team. 

I will learn to be open  to coaching.


Coaching skills takes into account several facets. You need to know what your goals as a company are and help those who report to you learn and grow to the point where the machine (company) runs smoothly.


Coaching is an effective tool in developing subordinates and co-workers.

Most managers don't know how to coach emplyees. But reading this they can learn

Coaching sklls are important for anyone in leadership to possess regardless of the profession.  Coaching and providing specific feedback with details help the reciever to focus on actions and not behavior.  Providing detailed examples for receivers to visvualize their performance. Also, followup is key to coachng and feedback.  If you don't followup there is no need to coach.