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Decision Making | Origin: ML147

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Decision Making

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

I thought this module was interesting as it pertains to my participation in the decision making process in my building.  I see leadership in my building using the different methods and techniques discussed in this module.  I find it interesting how I evaluated myself in these different scenarios from a participant perspective as well as a leader perspective.


I learned that a few companies will develop statements about their values and sense of social responsibility. 

I enjoyed this module. I thought about my participation as a leader but I also thought about how some of my bosses made their decisions during some of our major decision-making meetings.

Decision making takes time, but it must not be rushed, neither should time be wasted. It is important to know when to decide, what aspects of the decision to share, how and with whom.

take the  time needed to make a decision


Many good points to consider when making decisions. Do not rely too much on experience and assumptions, be careful with status quo, avoid emotional attachments.

Bring people that think different than you.

Keep everyone abreast.

Communicate effectively and fairly.


Great way to keep the group excited to bring in new ideas and create valuable debate. 

It's important to celebrate successes (often only failure gets attention)!

Decision making requires patience, objectivity, debate, method and strong listening skills.

This module gives me perspective on different situations encountered throughout the decision making process.

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