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Crisis Management | Origin: ML138

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Crisis Management

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

This was an interesting module. I learned that you need to assess the internal and expternal risks when developing a safety plan. I also learned about the various types of emergencies and ways to communicate during a crisis. The module also uncovered the common areas in a safety plan and what schools are required to report on each year. 

I have learned key ways to deal with a crisis in my job and take initiave with problems solving after a crisis occus. 

There are many different risks and emergencies that may occur. How to deal with a crisis and uncovering ways to defuse situations is a good skill set to obtain. I appreciated this module and the content shared. 

I learned that communication is key in a crisis: Be forthcoming with all knowledge without speculating or sugarcoating, deliver information clearly and consicely, and listen as much as we speak.


It's critical to connect with your team during a crisis so they (we) can remain resilient and productive.

Feeling overwhelmed with all of the great information

This is a class that all leaders at my institution should have taken at the start of the covid pandemic.  The couse provided excellent information concerning working and supporting a team through a crisis.

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