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Change Management | Origin: ML137

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Change Management

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

This course was very insightful. I learned that co-workers must undertsand the reason for change before they can whole-heartedly contribute to it.


Change is not easy but it takes shared goals and willingness for all to support the team and what is best for the workplace. 


I agree, you must make sure you have the support of your team and they know they job and how their contributions will benefit the complany.


I have been involved in change management for many years. Even with this expereince, I found this training very helpful. It reminded me to approach resistance to change as an opportunity to solve problems and not as someone simply being defiant/difficult. It also reminded me about the need to take care of myself personally while managing change in order to ensure I am in the right state of mind and giving my best to the change process. 

I think the whole company involvement is what I learned that was most insightful.

Change is never easy but if there is an open line of communication from both employees and employers they have a better chance to make the changes be less fearful and more pleasant for all.

Change is incredibly important and necessary for growth in business. You must involve your team in change and be as transparent as possible to ensure you have their trust and buy-in for future endeavors.


I really thought I was much more in touch with change management and this session has allowed me to learn that I need to include my staff a lot more in the process. 

Change is inevitable. We just need to embrace the challenges and manage it so there is no overload.

True change only happens when everyone involved has a part in making the change a success.  Contributing to the change lets everyone know they have a place with the organization and that they are in a safe place with a continuing employment/career opportunity.

It's important to motivate the team and address resistance to change.

I totally agree that change will have success by involving employees in the challenge to be fully aware of the change and will be able to have full knoledge of what they are getting into.


The course was very interesting and somewhat nostalgic. I am soon to retire from my position as chief campus administrator and I was reminded of how may leadership and management style has evolved through the years. In my experience, working in a small organization, it is much easier to develop team members into good influencers. The importance and enthusiam of the organizational vision and reasons why are fundamental to dealing with change. If the team members truly feel like an investor in the organization, adaptation and change will be a natural part of growing the business. To coin a phrase, A rising tide lifts all boats.


In order to facilitate change, one has to realize why the change is necessary and be able to explain it. 


Change is not an easy task in the organization. Communication with the people in charge of getting the buy into is key so they can transfer the information to employees and be available to answer questions they may have.

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