Michelle Garces

Michelle Garces

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To improve retention, it starts with admissions, transfers into academics, and runs through graduation. 


We need more student spotlight when it comes to the students and their programs

Orientation really helps break up the anxiety with going to school. Students normally succeed when they have someone else they are going through the program with. 


Ice breakers should be brought into Orientation and promoting engagement between new students should take place in orientation. 


It is imperative to have the mentor program. A student may feel it is easier to speak with another student.

I have learned that it is imperative to a student's success that the admissions advisor take their time with the student, as this is when the student sets the determination of whether they will do anything to graduate and complete their program.

It is crucial that the students have more hands-on experiencess and have several visits to the school. Pre-experiencing the school will help reduce the students anxiety attached to starting school.

In my admissions mind; on campus stitch in events (Career Service Workshop, Orientation, Etc.), moodle orientation, in person campus tours

The biggest thing that I learned was to involve everyone's ideas and thoughts. It's a collective effort and the entire team's goal needs to be clear to the entire team. 

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