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Non-Technical Skills | Origin: EL108

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Preparing Students to Become Good Online Learners --> Non-Technical Skills

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Community. clearly defined expectations and clear communication are essential.

 the key is to help students understand why the content is important to learn and that you care about their achievement of the learning outcomes. 

Students need to understand the importantance of using the computer and becoming good digital citizens.  Getting students to participate early and to know that if they participate from the beginning with help with their time managment and not allow the students to get behind.  Taking a class online is very different and students must be diciplined with their time and their surroundings.  They need to participate in discussion posts to help with their writing because they don't have teachers around to help with their writing.  

Clearly defined expectations and contrucivism is impoartant in online learning.


Being aware of students with learning disabiliyites and addressing immediatley.

I think there was an overwhelming amount of information about communication. LOL But seriously, i liked the idea of a community of practice.  The idea that our pervious knowledge gets applied to new learning situations. There should be a better way of gathering that information from our students and being able to support them. 


Communcation becomes much more important when students cannot hear the tone of your voice or see your facial expression. I liked the CPA acronym because that is an easy way for me to remember when I am posting to a student to keep my language clear, professional and appropriate. 

Preparing Students to Become Good Online Learners module was extremely helpful outlining how to develop good online citizenship among our students.  In order for written communication to be effective, the communication must provide students with clear concise instructions, expectations, and rubric for assessment purpose.  To reduce or avoid misunderstandings, all communications should be modeled in the CPA format, clear, professional, and appropriate.

Good online citizenship is critical for student success. 


I learnt about importance of good online citienship, reading and writing skills, participation, engagement, Community of Practice(CoP) aand effective communication. How something is said is more important than what is said.

I will emphasize the analogy of having a safe and trusting neighbourhood as my prefered Community of Practice. 


I will have projects that are aimed at solving real world problems to help students realize the importance of collaborating, critical thinking and solving career related problems.

Preparing Students to Become Good Online Learners --> Non-Technical Skills

Ensuring that students understand that not all communication is done by email; and if it is, it should be error free. 

Student participation and proper expectations are key to online communication success. If you can facilitate a well organized and active community of practice (CoP), It will stand to benefit the entire group by being interacted with one anther to learn from and contribute to

I learned what methods to use when students are not participating. I can use the passive method or a more aggressive method may be necessary. Also learned about community of practice(CoP)


Communication must be CPA Clear Professional and Appropriate.  Model this and expect your students will spend more time reading and writing in an onilne class than they would in a F2F class.   Consider an exit ticket at the beginning of a synchronous class so students will focus on contributions to the class.   Develop a learner community that is more hands on and allows for experience of the participants to be a contributing factor. 


I found it interesting that things we use in F2F class are valid tools to show learning in a virtual area, the use of an exit tool to show learning.  

Adult learners are more successful when they are given opportunities to apply their previous knowledge, skills and experiences to the course content.  Students that are able to interact with other classmates can solve problems together.


Because you do not have a face to face relationship with your students online, it's important for them and the instructor to have good communication skills so that they can seek help if need be and be a stronger student. 


Communication must be all-encompassing. The communication must include explaining course outcomes/objectives, expectations, and assignments/projects, and must be me that is what a great instructor must have, to help each student succeed. As different styles of teaching, so comes the different style of students ability to learn. 

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