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I would like  to engage the students in a classroom discussion about practices that they currently use for selecting fresh product, thawing food and storing food. Reflection upon the amount of time food is left out on the table during picnics or holidays. I think this is always good to have student input would  be very eye opening and informative for students. This would peak their intereat into the subject if sanitation and safety. 

I would really like to implement a student safety monitor to help ensure all safety and cleaning standards are bring met while students are cooking. I feel allowing students to rotate this job will allow them to see safety from a managerial standpoint and them implement it more during cooking. 

Chef Instructors set the standard! We are the example and it is imperative we are pushing students to achieve and exceed expectations. Coming to class prepared with a production list and recipes re-written on index cards, is a regular practice in my kitchen.

Culinary arts instructors should create uniform standards of cleanliness in their classroom so that the students get an idea of what it will be like in the real world.  Sanitation should be address from the intial instruction and set standards should be enforced consistently.  Furthermore, classrooms should have some real world application in meeting time deadlines.  There are so many practical aspects to culinary arts in the real world that many students don't realize go into any food that is prepared and served in any dinning establishment.