Kara Sponsler

Kara Sponsler

Location: koyuk, ak

About me

I'm a middle school ELA teacher in Koyuk, AK.  I hope to be able to offer culinary courses to the students next year to provide them with more hands on instruction and give them more diverse subjects offered at our school.  


cooking, cleaning, puzzling, darts, cribbage




Meta rubrics can be a useful tool to evaluate the validity of rubrics one may choose to use.  Furthermore, being able to adapt to changes to ensure accurate measuring of criteria will greatly enhance learning. 

There are several online resources to help one create a rubric that will help one take into account all the criteria necessary for covering all components required.  That being said Rubrics need to be fair and have clarity so there is no misunderstanding about what expectations are of the students. 

The more you can get students involved in assessing their work the more self aware they will be when assessing their work.  Often times a rubric is just thrown at students and even explained but they may not be able to meet the criteria with their present base of knowledge.  they should have the opportunity to be involved in determining how they will be assessed and engage in collaborative practices.  

I have been inspired to create a rubric for my two weekly writing assignments so that more is put on the students to accomplish and I have less to constantly remind them of.  I think having writtien down explicit expections of what I want to see in writing will help clear up any confusion my students have had with why they got the score they recieved. 

One should take advantage of the different personalitiy types to get the most sucessful learning outcomes from students. 

Taking into accout all of the various personality traits is essetinal to effective instruction.  One needs to be able to do so as an instructor so that the best learning can take place.  One also needs to identify the different personality traits in their learners so that learning can take place.  This is a very subject matter that is easy to various interpretation. 

Recognizing the dominant personality trait one posesses enables one to better reach their potential.  Finding a way to take the personality trait of those you are instructing and using it to their advantage would help in the academic environment tremendously.  I wonder how much of the TC is taken into consideration when designing academic materials for students grades k-12?  Or are there other factors that dominate that preceed TC factors?  

Discovering the different personality traits that my students posess may enchance my instruction to them.  When you can tap into the students intuitive learning then more will get accomplished in the classroom.  This is why many teachers use different modes to attain student work.  

Online learning expereinces can be adapted to online learning to accomodated their learning.  Assessing learning is becoming increasingly easier as more programers are able to to it and educators are requiring it for learning opportunities.  Separation between the individual learner and the group leaning process is getting easier to do with certain programs which provides more quantiative and qualitiative assessment models for educators. 

I think it would be interesting to have the students design their own game. They could do it individually or collaboratively and make it a class project.  This could be quite useful for real world application for future job prosepcts as this is a potential career opportunity that may be of interest to several of my students.  I think there is limitless potential when the student can be actively engaged in the creation of their own learning tool. 

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