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How to Assess and Utilize a Learner's Favorite Frame of Mind | Origin: ED312

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Teaching to the Learning Styles of Allied Health Students --> How to Assess and Utilize a Learner's Favorite Frame of Mind

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

I might ask students how they get used to navigating an unfamiliar website. What do they do first to explore it? I can use this as a way to determine how to teach students regarding navigating the online library. 

I will implement asking students on the first day of class what is their favorite hobby and how did they learn it. This will give me input to their preferred teaching method.

I will ask students how they prefer to learn a new hobby. I will have more insight how they would be more sucessful learning new concepts.

Just asking different questions upon first meeting the student will assess their learning styles

I learned and will begin to implement the act of asking students their favorite hobbies to assess learning style


I found an assessment for learning styles and I have utlized it in my classes. In my personal experience, those individuals who are drawn to surgical patient care as surgical technologists are most often hands-on or kinesthetic learners. Most of them, but not all, need to actually perform a skill in order to grasp the techniques. I have had students who do need to perform a skill, but are timid to "go first" without seeing another student perform the skill. In some skills, such as attaching scalpel blades to handles, one can watch it performed, but must be able to also perform the task. 

Some are anxious that mistakes will be made and embarassment will follow, while others have a need to be perfect whether or not they have performed a skill prior or it is the first attempt. For them, there is no room for error. 

I do like working with the oline environment and technology because it allows me to deliver educational material on many different platforms. Adults learners must stay engaged and as an educator we have to find ways to help them achieve thier goals and engaged. 


You need to understand learner's way of learning and understanding.  That will increase the efficiency of your teaching style.


Utilizing students past experiences by asking how they have learned a new hobby

I allow students to tell stories that have the theme of the day. This is a great way of allowing them to think through a subject and then tie it all in to what I am going to teach.

Students usually tell me what their preferred method of learning is upon their introduction in class. They are used to being asked this.


This module made me aware that implementing teaching methods to cater to different learning styles requres more planning but does not adversely affect the teaching time.


During this present academic year I've met several of the types of students mentioned in this presentation. I see more clearly now how important it is to guage the students individually as opposed to a simple collective whereby we look for a bell curve representation in their demonstrated mastery.


I have learned that being a life long learner is very important.  It will stretch me to be able to meet all the needs of every individual student.

I think it's important that we as educators continue to learn a variety of ways to teach

I like the use of the 60 second questions to help determine a students style.  If you use it early, later difficulties can be avoided.


I will use the 60 second assessment, as maybe an icebreaker at the start of class.  This will allow students to have an advantage and maybe improve their ability to pass. 

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