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Comment on Kathleen Watts's post: I heard it was 7 phases but it also says it takes 21 days to unlearn a habit

Comment on Megan Fitzsimmons's post: As I look around and see my students disengaged I say something off the wall to see who is listening I use that as a mechanism to recapture their attention

It is crazy to think that the attention span of a student can be as low as 9 minutes.

I had no idea about the repeating topics 6 times for students to retain 90% of information

It is vital that students not only learn, but also retain the information.

It's important to keep the students engaged.


I already assign students into groups for the course group project but I don't have them sit as groups during lecture. I will have the next class sit in their groups for lecture and present answers as a group. 

Interesting to learn that 90% retention of the information learned if there are 6 exposures within 30 day period.

That the most effective way is visual learning, when applying it you have to be aware of the symptoms and signs that may be present so that the group does not lose interest

I find my medical terminology class to be effective as far as what the students learn

It takes 6 times of learning a topic to really know and retain 90% of the information after 30 days.  

Repetition 6 times in 30 days increases retention by 90%

I am open to including activities into my lecture to make it more engaging and helping them to retain the information better.

Comment on Megan Fitzsimmons's post: I was happy to identify various methods to overcome student fatigue, and re-engage them in class activity. Great points.

 found that it was very interesting that most of learners are visual

It was perfect review of increasing student learning and retention

I find that instead of doing a traditional lecture, I try to tell my students a story, incorporating all the information required. This keep their retention longer and they are more able to retain it. 

Comment on Mary Patricia Dandrea's post

I learned the importance of repeating/reteaching the subject in various ways in order to maximize the student's learning. With the goal of making it fun! 

Just reiterated that repetition is beneficial to remembering a subject or information. The medical field is repetition. I am very interested in learning new ways to present information to my students along with other methods I already use that have gotten positive feedback in the past. Never to old to learn something new right? 

Important to learn the signs of student fatigue.

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