Leslie Jester

Leslie Jester

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knowing who to release information to under different circumstances is valuable

found it odd that the quesion posed on the 1990 law on safety and security , was on Release of grad date data.

It takes 24-36 times before an action becomes automatic 

Repetition 6 times in 30 days increases retention by 90%

I use Storytelling when teaching about HGB, I say that HGB is attracted to oxygen in the same way that I a attracted to Denzel Washington.... I just want to go to him (using humor, body language)

I use this method in clinical lab, I start the session with a scenario, share how the nurse made a mistake, and then allow the student to critically think through the correct way to approach it. 

I've been using authentic assessment for years and didn't know it. That is a new term for me


I agree that if an instructor has confidence in the course management then the students will feel more supported.

I have learned through this topic is that in order to connect to others and motivate I must use a combination of extrinsic reward and tune into their intrinsic motivation.

It was interesting to learn that the learnng cone touted for so many years and blindly accepted, was in fact never intended to be a scholarly theory.

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