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Always use more time to talk slower. I also use flash cards of what I did the day before to help them remember.

The more active and interesting you make the class the better the retention. Repetition and asking others to give similar examples. Open the student to use their personal experiences.

There are all types of learners and as an instructor you must be able to teach to all of them.

It seems that creating an activity, and actually implementing it will take too much class time, but I'm willing to give it a try to change the classroom environment to a more active one where the students stay more engaged. 

I have learned that student retained information that appeals to their emotion. They will either love it or hate it for them to remeber it. Anything in between takes 6 times exposure to content to retain in their memory. 

9-10 minutes attention span

It has been proven that students learn and retain information best when engaging in activities related to new material being presented rather than just sitting through lectures.

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