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Understanding the Components of Instructional Technologies | Origin: ED126

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Integrating Technology into Education --> Understanding the Components of Instructional Technologies

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

You need to ensure that all students, including disabled, have access to the technology used and required in the course from both a hardware and ability to use perspective.

I had the opportunity to use CANVAS LMS. It was a little cumbersome integrating all of the facets but eventully they all came together. It's a great vehicle that will take me from the stone age to the space age and a whole new way of communicating knowledge to my students.

Technology is essential for student learning due to student's life experiences using technology in their daily lives.


Online learning allows students more opportunities for a quality education. 


Online Learning allows students to go about  there own pace


I have a student that is constantly saying they can't get online to do the work, what do you do in this case? I have trouble believing her situation.


Pay special attention to disabled student is an important part of teaching and learning. We as teachers must ensure that all students including those with disabilities (physical, mental, cognitive) have equal access to learning materials and learning resources so that everyone can have equal opportunity to learn the subject matter.

Reply to Gail Lewis's post:Hi Gail, yes that can be a very challenging situation for you as a teacher. I belive every institution has a dedicated IT department with access to help desk that you can refer your student(s) to to seek technical help. However, if this issue is related to your student's internet access to his/her home, then there is nothing you can do except advise them to contact their internet provider, they may need to upgrade their speed or/and connection.

Technology is very important in teaching nursing.

There are many resources available to enhance student knowledge using technology. It is a good idea to get familiar with these products so the instructor can assist students for better outcomes. Every student should be treated equally even if they have a disabilty. 

Good information about students with disabilities. Alot of this information I already knew but it was a very good refresher. 


How to create digital content to comply with Section 508.

Our school uses the Blackboard LMS and it has a lot of built-in functions.  I'm glad we have experts at our school who can provide me with the instruction needed to learn how to use the tools available so I don't have to spend time trying to figure it all out myself.  The information in this module about Section 508 of the ADA is a good reminder about the importance of making all technology used in instruction accessible to all students.

With technology involving so quickly, it would be essential for it to be a part of the classroom.

Reply to Satwinder Bindra's post: I agree, there are many resources available to enhance student knowledge using technology. Technology provides them with unlimited resources. I have found that most Learning Platforms have resources for accomodating students with disabilities.

I have learned that there are many ways to make higher education accessible to those with disabilities.

I am a special needs teacher.  So, I really found the section on inclusive materials beneficial.  I appreciated the link to Setion 508 best practices and valuable resources.  This is a handy reference for all teachers as we will all have many students throughout our career that need these considerations.  


Reply to Anwar Chowdhury's post:The student can also be directed to seek out a public network that can be joined... Local library, complete work at their school or perhaps a starbucks... best to check the internet secured sites and involve the IT department for guidance. 


I am glad we have so much for our diabled students.


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