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Technology in the classroom is an absolute necessary. This was a good read.

being able to use different techonologies avaliabel to the instructor and the student would be very beneficial the the learning experiece of different styles


Technology is the future.


Got a better understanding about why the Gen y and Gen Z have developed such a dependancy on their devices, and how they feel the need to be connected.  Intend to explore more/better ways of using technology to keep students interested and engaged in the classroom.

Interesting to know that there is not much differnece between Gen y and Gen z..


Technology is an element that is neccessary. Understanding how and when to implement is important as well as setting up some very specific guidelines for the use in the classroom.


Technology is the new way of students learning so must be used with strict precautions to avoid distractions. The goal for instructors is to keep the learner engaged in the lesson and help them learn more on topic being discussed.


Technology that is used correctly can be a great supplement and support to a sound instruction. Students need technology that is user friendly and readily available. Remember that we are teaching all generations so we need to incorporate a variety of technology.


It is important to use technology that is suited to your classroom needs and enhance your course. Using technology just for the sake of using it may not be productive or beneficial to the classroom. I will be sure to implement technology in a way that students gain the most knowledge and can apply it to the subjects that I am teaching.

Technologyis key and the future of the classroom however it is important for students to realize that can't be on the phone constanly in the real working world.


Seth Soronnadi

Learned that "Instructors who are considering incorporating technology for the purpose of reaching the younger generation need to ensure that use of the technology will truly help this group with learning."  It helps in providing "sound instruction"


The real key to instruction is still based upon the human connection that is made between student and instructor.

Generational perspectives are starting points, not end points... all learners are essentially the same.

Don't use technology for technology sake.


Technology is the present and future of out students.  Very interesting on the different generations.


The use of Technology should not undermine interpersonal physical presence in the learning environment 


I would counter don't avoid technology for the sake of conformity to past practice. Teachers who get too caught up in content falling off the tongue might miss the point of teaching. I still incorporate portions of recall for students in the science classroom as a matter of literacy - understanding the abbreviations for elements of the periodic table, for example. However, that can be accomplished in a lot of ways that don't look like the traditional written test. Many of them incorporate games based in technology. Part of the rationale for understanding them is that scientists were the first to use chat speak to shorten their writing and so that everyone knew the same symbols - even when they used several languages. We actually discuss what it is like not to know the abbreviations in chat speak, and how it puts people outside the group. This provides an opportune moment to invite them to science as a language and community that includes its own abbreviations and norms. It would be sad to fail to include our next brilliant minds in learning because we isolate them from us due to our inability to bridge the gaps. 

There are so many available tech tools that can simplify and enhance instruction.  Although there can be a learning curve, with consistent effort, the use of technology in the classroom can become seemless.  The important question to ask is whether we, as instructors, are using technology for technology's sake or actually applying technology in the classroom to advance knowledge, access, and student engagement.

Technology is the way of the future when it comes to teaching but we still need the human connection between the student and the instructor.  Good read!