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Improving Soft Skills through Emotional Intelligence | Origin: ED115

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Soft Skills for Instructors --> Improving Soft Skills through Emotional Intelligence

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zthe difference between Hard skills and soft skills


why it is Important to use EQ and how to use  EQ to improve the soft skills ad succes of a teacher or club advisor

I learned that emotional intelligence involves having soft skills vs IQ which is useful for hard skills.

EQ helps with the emotions of the students and instructors and helps with the workplace environment

EQ is soft and iQ is hard.

Managing emotions involves motivation and can help your students to be more enthusiastic and motivated. 


I learned that eq is more important than iq 


I asked how does one become a high EQ person.  They gave some tips however, there were still some holes in these tips as they didn't get into the specifics withiin the tips.  I realize that EQ is so important in any profession and this affects on both personally and professionally.   

the direct corrilation between Eq and soft skills and IQ and hard skills  and how they relate to the work place enviroment!

I find that EQ can be challenging.


EQ is essential in the teaching profession


EQ can be a challenging task.

sofe skill is verty important


Emotional intelligence is more soft skills versus someones IQ intelligence

Being aware of your own emtions and managiung them well is key to managing the emotions of others and using emotional intelligence effectively. Good EQ can also help with life satisfaction, as it leads to understanding how others feel about you and to feeling loved.

I feel that having EQ would make you better at teaching.  

I think it it really important to know the difference between EO and IQ.


EQ is extremely important. 


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