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Teaching the Adult Learner | Origin: ED208

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Adult Learning Theories --> Teaching the Adult Learner

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

Find a balance in delivery that will engage and challenge all adult learners. Your only limitation is your imagination!

Identify your students learning style and use a variety of teaching tecniques that will work with a varirty of learning styles.And provide students with a supportive enviorment for learning.

By understanding your students past experiences you can help them build on there knowlege from what they already know and by using all the different learning styles Visual, verbal, demonstrations, and hands on you will help each student have a better uderstanding regardless of which learning style works best for them.


Every student has a different learing style and is is important to learn each student's background and goals. 

YES, we need to identify student's learning styles using a variety of teaching techniques. Also, using diferrent strategies such as Organization, Planning, Management and Thinking. Instructors are educators and motivators.

I learned that the most important thing I can do as an educatior besides delivering material is to activate learning, support my students, enhance the learning environmet, and maintain that environment for the studet to be sucessful.

I learned that with adult learners, it is best to tap in to their prior knowledge and experience, understand what motivates them/what their goals are, identify their learning style/learning preferences, provide support in organizing the information taught, provide opportunities for self-direction, and most importantly, activate, enhance, support and maintain learning throughout the curriculum.

Is important for the instructor to find the best method  for students or adult learners to process the information that is been taught.  By been able to identify what the learner can identify with and what prior experience they may have will bring opportunities for learners to find, direction and how to enhance their learning experience. 

  Using different forms of teaching techniques can help student's learning styles.

Always nice to have a refresher on the different intelligences, particularly for post-secondary education. I'm excited to utilize the best practices for adult learners. I think it'd benefit non-traditional students as well as traditional ones.

The biggest challenge in teaching remotely during the pandemic has been the difficulty interacting with the stufents in a personal setting to find out what their individual motivations and needs are. 


I have to agree with the best practices listed in the module I can see myself changing things up to ensure I meet their learning needs. Taking the time to get to know your students goes a long way.


A quality instructory values theprior learning and experiences of each student and uses the information to facilitate a knowedge based, experience driven, active learning environemnt that provides for the needs of all learners and their mechanisms of learning.


Thank you very much for this great information and opportunity. 


I found the quote by Gagne most interesting and important: “The essential task of the educator is to arrange conditions of the learner’s environment so that processes of learning will be activated, supported, enhanced, and maintained.”

We are activators, supporters, enhancers, and maintainers of learning.

We just need to strive to ensure that all students learn, regardless of learning style dominance.


As instructors, we have to ensure all the students learn regardless of theor learning styles. 


The challenge to the teacher is to find a balance in the delivery of information that will engage and challenge all adult learners.


It is important to teach the class as a whole rather than cater to individual students in regard to their learning styles. Have a multi-faceted/multi-sensory class while helping all students. I believe that where it's very difficult. You want all your students to learn well and do well on exams, however, you have to think about HOW to do it. We have to find what's the best way to teach our class. It isn't a cookie-cutter solution because every class is different.

The essential task of the educator is to arrange conditions of the learner’s environment so that processes of learning will be activated, supported, enhanced, and maintained!

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