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Developing as an Instructor | Origin: ED101

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Effective Teaching Strategies --> Developing as an Instructor

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too. 

"Model, manage and motivate" Point taken!

Lead by example

If I got nothing else out of this module, I got the following:

Do not presume that you are the smartest in the class because you are the instructor, because there is a student who may be smarter.

Keeps you humble and student focused in my opinion.

Lead by example in the classroom 

Use your fellow seasoned instructors if you need resource. it is important to stay up to date with research & technology 

Always stay current and up to date. Be a leader who leads by example

Use your past experiences to provide the best resources and teaching methods for you students. 

You can be a friend to your students, but not a pal. Be supportive and motivative. But dont fall into the baby sitter trap. Remember that you are a professional, but that you may not always be the smartest or know best. Seek advice from your peers. 


A soft skill is effective human resources management.


Lead by example, Be prepared and maintain a professional environment.


Two important take aways:

1) The 5 "C's"- be Credible, Candid, Compassionate, Committed and Clear!

2) The 3 compitencies - Tehcnical, Professional and Personal!

Model, manage and motivate!


Lead by example and collaborate with veteran instructors

Lead by example and do not act like you are the smartest. 


It is important to have an individual development plan and know your resources. 


Know what you love. Love what you know. Share it. Get training for all additional things you want to learn so that your students will learn, too. 


As a leader, lead your student on the right direction, be a good listener, and communicator.  

Teachers are the models of professionalism.  We need to lead by example.  There is always room for growth and development in both your course and yourself.  Learning is the most important part of education.  


As a leader in the classroom, the "5-C's" were my biggest take away from this module. It is important to follow each (Credible, Candid, Compassionate, Committed and Clear) in order to set the best example for our students.

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