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Characteristics of Good Storytelling | Origin: ED146

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How Storytelling Benefits Learning --> Characteristics of Good Storytelling

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Stories that are interesting and full of humor can help connect the storyteller to the audience, who then releases dopamine, and that helps secure the information in their long-term memory. 

Like most of us, some of my fondest learning opportunities came through the use of a good story. Whether this was during my education or childhood from an grandparent, a story always had/has a way to making a common fact become a valuable resource. 


I use this method in clinical lab, I start the session with a scenario, share how the nurse made a mistake, and then allow the student to critically think through the correct way to approach it. 

EVERYONE appreciates humorous story

A good story can encourage input from otherwise quiet students and start the ball rolling for optimum engagement.

I take a lab skill and  turn it into a story by bringing it alive with humor and classroom participation. Example: I teach a surgical tech program, there is a process the surgeon uses to enter the abdominal cavity.  ( marker, knife, clamp, tie, suture scissors., etc. ) So I chose 5 students to be each item above. A narrator starts out with I AM A - and the student who is the marker stands up and says I am a marker, the next student stands up and says, I am the knife. can you see the lesson coming alive?

Story telling can enhance teaching environment.

I found the link to many different App based resources interesting. I will try exploring some of the free Apps to see how they may enhance the classroom experience. 

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