Kathryn Laurentius

Kathryn Laurentius

Location: st louis, mo

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I teach high school business and marketing as well as sponsor DECA. 


I gained a better understanding of strategies for test question writing and also when to use what type of questions in assessment planning. 

Assessments are different depending on the type of learning, and the available resources. Assessing experiential learning is different than individual learning. 

Wait time in the practice of questioning is so important. When I was a younger teacher I felt uncomfortable with wait time but now I see the value of letting the students pause and think about it! 

Instructors need to use a variety of learning styles to be effective and reach their students in the most effective possible way. This will require the teacher to teach in a way they might not learn, but that is okay. 

The varying lecture styles was a helpful reminder for me. I do not lecture often but when I do I could use a different approach. 

When starting the class for the first time, learning and pronouncing students names correctly is extremely important. This is something that will set the tone for the semester off well. 

It is important to be as prepared as possible. There are a lot of things that are out of our control as educators or things we feel like we do not have enough time for. Planning is something that I feel gets easier with time and the more years you teach. 

Leading by example is a great reminder for all educators. The students will model your professionalism and view your example as how they should act in the classroom and in the professional environment. 

I enjoyed how this course covered four different strategies for instruction. I think the key is a combination of them to use in your classroom and varying your instruction thought out a unit of study. 

Being positive is important for students, and I also think in the classroom it can be contagious. I can tell how if I am in a grumpy or negative mood how quickly it rubs off on those around me and the opposite is true for when I am overly positive and grateful. This can sometimes be a challenging task but it is important for ourselves and our students. 

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