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Adaptive Learning will not substitude the teacher but will change the way to do it.

Incorporating gaminng technology will broaden the amount of students that will be interest in learning.

Since Adaptive Learning can be tailored to the student's background and previous knowledge, it can be very useful to be able to create a program that will be more likely to encourage the students instead of frustrating them.

It is more dinamic!

I am leaning towards believing that adaptive learning will become the new norm in educational institutions. AL is becoming more sophisticated while appealing to a wide variety of students. However, adaptive learning won’t replace teachers, just change how we teach and how the students learn.

As the Module says, adoptive learning will become more and more norm for educationall institutions (sooner or later) as the technology advances, gets faster and evetually cheaper with ight volume demand. So we as teacher must prepare ourselves to accept this change with open mind and come out of resistence. Regardless of situation adiopted learning will not replace needs for teachers, it will just change how we will be teaching in our classrooms or online.

Reply to Francisco Gonzalez's post:I agree with you here Francisco and just to add my little thoughts to your nice post, adoptive learning must be prepared in such a way that is neutral for all student with option of customization for adjustments based on the overall outcomes or end results. Thank you. Anwar

I learned the different methods used in adaptive learning and how it suits diiferent learning styles.


I read the same kind of thoughts on gamification 18 years ago while doing graduate work. It's exciting to see the potential even still!