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Leading and Motivating

I really enjoyed this course.   I am glad it comes to me at the beginning of the year, where you seem more excited and inspired to get the year off right in a new direction.

Althogh I wouldn't call it a resolution, I would like to take some time reflecting on what I have learned in the course, and how I can make effective change and modifications with my instructors at my campus.  This will take some time to devise a strategy and 'vision' on what we can roll out for the campus but more importantly for moving each instructor in… >>>

Employee Development

i appreciated this course because it made me think not only about myself, but the job satisfaction and development of my direct reports. I will be more aware of developing my employees and helping them grow.  This should help with their performance and the overall strength of the company. 


I really enjoyed this portion of the course.  I really liked that the the instructor gave us not only ways to recognize but also ways to "fix" problem areas




Goal setting, veryinteresting concept on how to set goals and prioritize them, many usefull techniques in theis triaing class

Effective delegation

ML27 was a great CEU, it gave me insight on how to truly effectively delegate . the questions in the finial test were tricky  , I dont feel there s one ture right or worn answer in number 10.

Motivation and Leading in Management

These two, motivation and leadership I believe are vital in one's role as a manager. When you are managing a company, a departament, a division or even on a smaller scale, a committee or group, it is important to motivate individuals and maintaining them motivated in the long term. This can be obtained by recognizing the indiviual's expectations and goals and how these can be fundamental and useful in achieving the company or group/committe goals as well. In order to be successful, th leader has to use effective leadership skills that can contribute to the success or the goals in… >>>

OP 115

This training class is very beneficial to anyone involved in the hiring process. I would highly recommend it.



Volunteering to assist with the workload of a team leader who fails to delegate v. speaking to them privately about their leadership style strike me as equally likely to lead to an improved outcome. How do you feel about this situation?

Managing and Leading

The course training very well explained the differences between managing and leading. In my actual work i do both and most of the things I do at work as a manager and as a leader are mostly in the right direction basing on the training. I strongly believed that the course will be of help in improving my currrent skills and competence.

5 year plan important

Terrific tips in the template provided for 5-year plan, particularly because FAPSC laid out the functions needed presently and functions to consider for growth.

Different Strokes for Different Folks

It is very interesting how much more effectively you can communicate when you get to know your employees' different learning styles. Once you learn to identify them (this course helped), you will be able to convey information much more effectively and yield more productivity from your staff.

Good luck!



It was very interesting to learn that most of the stress we put on ourselves is self-inflicted by procrastination.

We must "Eat a frog for breakfast" :)

Time Management

This is an issue for most people and especially adult students with or without jobs and kids.  A great way I find to deal effectively is to ensure thatthe students have a collegiate planner and utilize it so that they are organised for work and school and home events and deadlines.

Time Management

Time management can be an issue with the team. In order to keep the team going forward, we use a lot of calendars and personal timelines to be sure to ensure goals and deadlines.

Hiring new Eplomyees

Making sure you have a detailed job description and requirement will help eliminate un-qualified applicants.

Stress Management

The "stop, breath, reflect, and choose" method is not only good for instructors but also for students.  The less my students are stressed, the less stressed I am.

Gainful Employment: New Priorities for U.S. Higher Education IT Departments

Campus executives are likely unaware of what needs to be accomplished and when to comply. CIOs may want to begin that discussion now.

On Dec. 11, 2013, the United States Department of Education posted a 68-page draft of regulations for "Gainful Employment (GE)." Largely ignored by the press, this document — soon to be final regulations — is becoming the template for change of federal financial aid eligibility for college and university students. Gainful Employment currently only applies to certificate and other programs that do not lead to a degree, but may be extended to all postsecondary programs. For the first time,… >>>

Managing New Instructors

When bringing on new instructors, it is important that each manager does an orientation of the position to review over the expectations of instructing students.


Managing Virtual Teams - ML124

I enjoyes this course very much.  As the manager of a far-flung team working on many different aspects of an educaitonal website, many of the lessons were very relevant, and I hope to implement some of the new tips I've learned.  I believe that the most important thing I've learned is that clarifying goals and expectations from the launch of a team will help ensure its success, as well as setting up universally accepted practices for appropriate and regular communication.

What helps you keep your virtual teams on-task and effective?

Steven Convey's Book

Steven convey discusses four quadrans to help maximize the use of a persons time. He suggests you break down your activities into the following quadrants:

Important and urgent 

Important and not urgent 

not important and urgent 

Not important and not urgent 

You can view a sample of the quadrants at the following link

I used this model and it was very effective in helping me to better manage my time. I even learned how i can sometimes mis catagorize things. e.g. when I first completed the chart I placed my favorite television shows under important and urgent because it… >>>