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Thank you, I have a student currently with vision impairment, and although I have taken Special Education courses for my degree, I feel ED 201 was a 'refresher' in what I need to do to accommodate the student and the instructor to make it a successful learning and work environment for all involved.

I really enjoyed this course.   I am glad it comes to me at the beginning of the year, where you seem more excited and inspired to get the year off right in a new direction.

Althogh I wouldn't call it a resolution, I would like to take some time reflecting on what I have learned in the course, and how I can make effective change and modifications with my instructors at my campus.  This will take some time to devise a strategy and 'vision' on what we can roll out for the campus but more importantly for moving each instructor in… >>>

I really liked the interview with the author of Top 10 Traits of Highly Effective Instructors.  The author gives examples of effective and noneffective instructors in what they do/how they conduct themselves within the classroom environment.

The hiring process course also gave me a refresher in the steps to take in hiring the right instructor for the position.

Thank you again! :)

Thank you for making this course available.  I feel like I am taking away some valuable information and I will utitilize this during the hiring process.

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