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Managing and Leading

The course training very well explained the differences between managing and leading. In my actual work i do both and most of the things I do at work as a manager and as a leader are mostly in the right direction basing on the training. I strongly believed that the course will be of help in improving my currrent skills and competence.

I just finished ED 103 Testing and Assessments. I highly recommend as it gave great tips with test creation, student questions and student learning.

I completed the ML111 - Leading and Motivating course. After taking the course, I have a clear understanding of the difference between managing and leading. Given the insight I gained from the course, I realized that at my work I tend to combine both the manager and leader characteristics and skills to play my role effectively. The course emphasizes that these two roles are complementary. This affirmation to the complementary role of leaders and managers left me to think that for those who take a leadership role; leadership and management often overlap and that to be an effective leader you must be a manager by definition and a leader by heart.   

 I highly recommend taking this course. It is concise, but rich in contents and insights. It provides the tools for your everyday practice of leadership. 



I just completed ML118 and I feel managing and leading includes knowing when to coach an employee. Some employees hold back and do not ask to move up when they have all the qualities to do just that.

I would have liked more examples of coaching in ML118 to help me for the final exam.

I just finished the Persuasion Skills class and this is going to benefit me going forward with creating new processes as there are very few people who like change.

I would of like to see more examples,on how one can balance both leadership and managing

This training was great and provided resources that I can refer to in the future and share with other leaders.  Really helped me identify where I can improve in my coaching skills to develop my team.  I look forward to doing more of these courses. I currently utilize many of the skills mentioned in the training so that validates that I am on the right track! 

This training is very good to enhance our thought process as leaders.


I just finished the ML111 Leading and Motivating class and thoroughly benefitted from it.  The challenges of being a manager/leader are numerous and I am fortunate to have role models in my past and present who have exemplified strong qualities of both.  Appreciated the steps in dealing with challenging employees who are resistant to the vision and the tip of "don't try to motivate problem employees but help them motivate themselves."  Spot on.  Great class.

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