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i appreciated this course because it made me think not only about myself, but the job satisfaction and development of my direct reports. I will be more aware of developing my employees and helping them grow.  This should help with their performance and the overall strength of the company. 

Amber, Great idea. I can see the benefits for all. Thanks for sharing! Sheri Leach
Amber, Thanks for sharing your wonderful practices with us. Do you run into any challenges? Do students ever resist your assisantance? And if so, how do you handle it? Sheri Leach
Amber, It seems as if you have a good process in place and all of your departments are working towards a common goal. I agree completely with your recommendation. We can never forget that we are here for our students, the people. Sheri Leach
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Erin, I agree. Have fun with this activity, then your students will. Share your ideas or ask questions in the Lounge. Sheri Leach
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Sharon, Have fun with the Career Fest Week and let me know what activities you plan! Sheri Leach
Erin, An remember, you may have to adjust your assessment model until it becomes successful for your institution. Be patient and steadfast. good luck! And remember, you can ask questions or post ideas in the Lounge for interaction from other members. Sheri Leach
Sarah , It is very true that all aspects of our schools effect the others. That is another reason why all departments should work together, we are all here for the common goal- the success of our students. Sheri Leach
Pamela, Also have Admissions involved in some Career Services activities, that way they understand how the two jobs inter-relate. Sheri Leach
Pamela, All great activities. Keep them going! Sheri Leach

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