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My biggest takeaway from the beginning of this module is the importance of accurate and timely employment reporting, and how that relates to a plethora of different indicators for our society. 

A key take-away I learned in this module is the importance of accurate reporting to ensure quality education is meeting it's goal objective, which is to ensure measureable & gainful employment. 


Accreditation is not only important to justify why an institution receives federal funds, but it also allows the institution to re-evaluate the current curriculum and it allows students better insights into what they can expect by investing in attending an institution. 

The key take away is maintaining accreditation and the business aspect of the school. Losing accreditation could equate to the loss of federal funding.

I found the different gainful employment perspectives interesting. I have always just thought of it in the traditional sense.

Accurately reporting can impact many areas such as accreditation and employment. It is important to report accurately because it could display the quality and effectiveness of your program, impact curricula, develop new standards, and shape policies, along with many other aspects. 


The biggest take away from this module is the importance of reporting employment in a timely manner to keep up to date graduate information for our reporting agencies 


Accurately reporting is essential for higher education so that it can continue to offer programs that have good outcomes, funding for students and provide accurate data outcomes to remain in compliance.


This module affirms the importance of Career Services in the academe. Finding jobs for our graduates and accurately reporting employment data are paramount to the success of any academic institution.

I have always known that accurate reporting was important, but I didn't fully grasp the big picture of why it was important.  I thought of it in a smaller view...that it affected the way prospective students looked at our school and our grad's success.  And of course, like with many things, accreditation. But to see the economic impact really puts the importance of accuracy into perspective! 


My biggest takeaway is the importance of accurate data and how much that data has an influence on more than just the school's gainful employment rates but to our economy as well. 


What I found so poignant was the information on gainful employment and that while data is important it was also nice to see that it is hard to measure due to that it is based on by the person their perspective as well as the psychology of what gainful employment actually is.


My biggest takeaway was the importance of accurate data.

My biggest takeaway is the importance of accurate data to report the exact information which will be needed to reveiw current situation predict future results and improve where is needed. 

In this module, I learned that it is imperative for higher education programs to gather data that will help them track, collect, verify, modify, and assess educational programs to help achieve positive student outcomes. Collecting graduation and employment data will also reveal patterns and trends within postsecondary institutions that will help students during the college search process. 


In this module, I am reminded that it is crucial for higher education programs to collect data that will assist them in evaluating their educational programs so that they can make necessary modifications and adjustments where needed.


I have learned that further education is looked at by legislators in the political world to see what HEI will give the ROI, this schools are not just for students to learn but is also policitally motivated wherein the HEI that has the best ROI will recieve public funding. I have also learned the knowledge is the key to education and employment in todya's world where in the past it was: land, labor and capital.

My takeaway was primarily related to ROI. Employment reporting will give HEI's a benchmark to determine if they are meeting the needs of having a economic impact. This will also give them critical information on what programs are best suited and will have the greatest impact on economic needs. Federal funding is also a factor.  If an institution is not producing valuable products it can impact on the financial support they will receive.  


My key takeaway from this section of the training is the fact that the process of employment reporting is "bigger than myself".  What I mean by that is that I did not know just how important my job will be, not only to the sustainability and growth of the school I represent, but also the national impact it can and will have in regard to policies, procedures, and future investment capabilities within the higher education framework in relation to "gainful employment" beyond graduation.