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Interviewing 101

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Interviewing 101 - Module 1

The information in this module is wonderful and lesson plans could very easily be adapted to use this informaiton.  There is plenty of opportunity for students to learn, engage, ask, and develop plans.  

I like all the advice for following through on the interview - many students do not have questions - but I love the question "What's our next step?" question... This is what I am going to share!!


This is a great lesson plan for teachers to implement mock interviews with their CTE students.  I have assisted with many and it has proven very helpful for the students.


This module is missing the "typical practice interview" questions with potential positive responses for students.


Best practice after an interview is to encourage students to reflect after their interview on new information or information that was significant in the interview so they are able to include this in their thank you letter.

This was a great lesson. I love the idea of developing a lesson plan, event, or activityto help students during an after the interviewing process. 

I especially liked  the questions: What is the career path for people who take this job?  I added that one to my list. I was feamiliar with most of the othre questions.