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Entering the Workforce | Origin: CS102

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Empowering Students to Find and Secure the Right Job --> Entering the Workforce

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

I was unfamiliar with the 5 keys to success. Learning their specifics will help me teach students how to be a well rounded employee. I also enjoyed the statistics related to internships/ their importance. 

Most employability skills courses focus on obtaining employment.  This module has very helpful information that I can share with my students; many of them have had difficulty maintaining employment.  Another reason for termination is related to substance abuse on the job.  

Coach students on how they can become a valuable "team member" at their organization.  Little tidbits embedded in "stories" often leave a lasting impression. 


I found this module to represent an excellent way to introduce and practice good worker and communication skills.  This information will be especially important to those students who have had limited successes on the job and perhaps in life.

The "5 Keys to Success" will be extremely helpful to students.  I also liked the scenarios given, so that students could help brainstorm solutions to these "issues" that could arise in the workplace.  It will help them become better employees in the long run.


The 5 Keys to Success was helpful to learn about. The information regarding working with employers was beneficial. 

Great module about the "The 5 keys to Success" communication is the key to becoming a great employee with any organization 

I love the communicating effectively section and resources. I will for sure be using these examples in my work with students. 


The 5 Keys to Success will be helpful to review with students as they prepare to enter the workforce. 


I enjoyed reading building and maintaining relationships with partners. It was interesting to read the 5 keys to success. 


Teaching students about how to make a good impression. Also letting them know the importance of an internship.


I feel that highlighting the importance of good communication skills to your students is vital to their work and career success.  Building relationships and trust is important. Also having an internship to develop skills and show a potential employer what you can do is beneficial. 

The 5 keys to success are valuable.  I will make sure to remind students to respond to area of weakness questions as areas that they need to improve.

Being a team player is very important especially your presentation and making sure you are able to communicate effectively will help avoid awkward situations.

Communication is critical. 

The way you approach any situation and person can be helpful or be a hindrance to what the goal is. So it's important to think carefully about how you will help offset any problems that arise in the workplace (how you behave towards superiors, coworkers, and customers/clients alike).


This describes excellent ways to introduce and practice good worker and communication skills. Very important!

This is a helpful module about the "The 5 keys to Success" communication as the key to becoming a great employee with any workplace!


I did not know that alienatng coworkers was one of the biggest reason that people can lose their jobs. It makes the idea of teamwork and communication that much more important!


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