Silas Ellis

Silas Ellis

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I was able to learn that there are many techniques for helping disabled job seekers stay positive through the process.

I was able to learn that there are lots of barriers with persons with disabilities.

I learned what the difference in disabilities that are covered under federal law.

I learned that there is a difference between a 504 eligible student and a student that is one an IEP.

Having students build and maintain a positive online presence will help them open more employment opportunities. 

I learned it is important to define what their personal brand is and how they can bet market that in an online setting.

Having students better understand the concept of SEO and Key Word marketing was the most helpful information to me. 

The most valueable information that I learn was about SEO. I am currently taking an SEO cert through the Hubspot Academy to help me better understand how it works. 

I learned that trust is key to building strong relationships.

I learned that it is important to set clear expectations with students prior to the job search process.

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