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School Policies and Requirements | Origin: CM301

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Compliance Training for Texas School Directors --> School Policies and Requirements

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

In this topic I have learned about the school policies and requirements like when to give refunds and when not to. Also about abcenses and what happens if the student misses days.

I have learned the CCS requirments for LDA, Termination Dates, LOA and missing days.  This will assist in when or when not to give refunds. 

Good information on progression and refund policies was provided


In this module I have learn the following:

1.  A full refund is given back to the potential student is they do not start their class.

2.  The effective date in terminating a student related to refund will be the last date of attendance, or written notice from the student.

In this module I learned about the process for administering refunds to students, as well as the attendance standards. 


I learned about the refund policy and requirements. Also the 10day absence rule and the 60day refund rule for the date of determination. Also, terminology for the acronyms used like, LDA, LOA, etc.

There are many policies and procedures to follow when pertaining to refunds. There are timelines by which the school and/ or the student have to act. If these are not followed, it can mean a loss of ability to hold courses for the school and simply a loss of funds for the student.

Be sure to make accurate and timely refunds

Untimely refunds will be costly and have a big pack to the school.  

I've learned that it can be very costly if everything is not done within the timeframe that it needs to be done so that it won't cost the school so much money.  

I learned the CCS process, termination dates, and issuing a refund policy. 

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