Emily Jenks

Emily Jenks

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The many different ways to effectively delegate will be very helpful as I continue to try to improve in this skill set. 

It is OK to ask for clarification when the on site visitor is stating their findings and any areas of concern. 

The best way to complete an interview is by answering questions completely and concisely. Be thorough and detailed in your answers providing facts and data to support. 

Take the time to assign the best point of contact. It is best to choose someone who has knowledge of the company, the campus and all systems & processes. 

Preparation is key. Confirming that you have all the requirements in place to have confidence in completing an unscheduled audit will alleviate any stress.

In this module I learned how to deal with common complaints. 


In this module I learned about the process for administering refunds to students, as well as the attendance standards. 


In this module I learned about the difference for submitting a new program application vs a revised rogram application. 


After reviewing the Overview of Career Schools and Colleges, I learned about the details that are involved with being compliant with the state of Texas. I also learned about the process for qualifying an instructor to be approved to teach the program. 


Leadership can be a learned skill that one can grow in if they focus on their skills. Leadership can also be something that is developed naturually. 


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