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Implications for Instruction | Origin: EC110

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Reaching High-Levels of Student Engagement --> Implications for Instruction

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

In this lesson I learned that we need to build student agency. With buildingof student agency you are building studnets sense of self-efficacy. With the CTE labs students work with more independence and responsible than they have in traditional classroom, everything they do give tem results they can see.

Having lab activities and hands-on learning helps students visualize the goal. I enjoy lab days and watching the lightbulb click and the student(s) put everything together. Pictures are a 2D world and the information sometimes cannot build a real connection to all the information. 

"Building Student Agency" raises awareness of what they are capable of achieving and pushes them to do more than what they thought were capable of. I plan on utilizing building student agency in the classroom.

This year, I had students choose many of their own cooking projects and gave them choice in how they showcased their work.  Videos were a popular choice.

I like the video in action idea and can see how it will work in HST to help students.

I appreciated the use of video learning as I have seen the struggles of those who would otherwise fall off the mark, remain engaged and active in the process until they had actually had a substantial feeling of accomplishment.  This type of positive learning environment bolsters energy towards a strong neurologic trend in learning.

I think it is important to reach out to all students learning abilities, wether is be visual, audio or hand-on.


Build agency in our students. Focus on the process, not the outcome.


I like the idea of build agency and focusing more on the process than the outcome to build students up so they take ownership.


Any method of having the students teach one another is a great opportunity for learning.  When they record themselves, they want to make sure they have the correct facts.

I like the idea of student's video.  This give them chance to explain what they know and relearn what they do not know.  

I really like the video creation idea. This is so useful for our current students in preparing to communicate in a way that they are already well acquainted. 

I have had students create infomercials before.  This is a process with multiple checkpoints that allow for scaffolding. 

Students need to take ownership in their learning. Some students are visual learners while others are hands on learners.


I definitely agree that opportunity to teach self efficacy is available in CTE programs.

The idea of building student agency is so important. Focus on the process, not the outcome is a key takeaway I have from this lesson. 

for this section I learned removing the teacher from the dialogue helps provide greater authentic communication practice between students leading to the deep understanding and those neurons firing. 

Agency & accountability are always good traits to bolster

I learned the immense benefits of building student agency for higher learning.

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