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Managing Board Meetings | Origin: OP110

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Developing Effective Advisory and Governing Boards --> Managing Board Meetings

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

I learned strategies to engage advisory board members to help promote the success of the organization!

How to effectively engage board members and the importance of a well organized meeting.

I learned what it takes to really be effectively be able to not only engage the board members, but also other members as well. 

I learned different methods to engage board members and the quality of traits board members must possess. 


I learned the importance of a quorum in conducting business. 

manageing a board meeting requieres preparation and skills. It must have a processes, and a formal planning practice. 


I learned about the structure and responsibilities of the governing board.

Planning, preparation, expectation setting, and a structured agenda are all key elements to managing a successful board meeting. Ensuring the facilitator is skilled in time managment, facilitation of candid discussion and engagment is another key element as well. It is important that all members have what they need to prepare no less than two weeks before and receive minutes and notes no more than two weeks after. Assessing the effectiveness of the governing board bi-annually and advisory boards annually is vital to ensure the board is accomplishing their goals. As long as the chairperson is managing the board well, conducting engaging meetings that are conventient and collaborative, and holding each member to their roles and responisiblities then the effectiveness can be ensured. My big take away is expectation setting and orientation are very important so that each member can be setup for success on the board and at each meeting. 


Board members can be asked to step down if they are not performing there jpb duties.


I'll say this. If you find that all but one of your board members are agreeing on everything and the all gang up on the one that asks to reconsider some policies, the problem is with the recruiting of the board. You should look for more diversity of thougth in your board so you can have meaningful discussions.

Diveristy of Thought is the ONLY diversity you should be focused on in a board for an academic institution. 

Very good guidance on organizing the board, managing the board overall, and post meeting notes / minutes. While in my case, we have annual advisory meetings, this is good insight into a governing board and how they function. 

This has been a great insight to help me manage my advisory board. I am learning new strategies to help improve my board.

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