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Tammy Greene

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research is important

Data is important.

I will be giving these lists of questions to enrollment and advising to ask about my current programs in addition to when I am looking to expand with new programs. 

we have had so many procedures around orientation come and go and never get used. we really need a formal policy. 

With the system we have for applications, we ask the same basic questions for every role at the college - I will suggest hiring managers create a supplemental sheet to attach to the application. I have added following up with references to our faculty hiring procedures (should be done anyway, but often isnt). I have also added an optional question to clarify information from resume/cover letter to the round one interview question template. Added details on the teaching prompt instructions to include the amount of time, topic, course level and available resources. Will build Realistic Job Preview into hiring procedures… >>>

I am now working on publishing an Alumni newsletter for our campus. This is not something we have ever done in the past. It would be a good adjunct recruiting tool, especially in health sciences and industrial technology. 

Does anyone else feel like a business or human resource person wrote this, rather than someone who actually works in academia? I feel like with a lot of the information, I am having to either think of ways to alter it to make it actually work for hiring faculty or take only part of it because the rest just does not apply. Maybe I'm missing something. 

Many of our programs have only one full time faculty member. I plan on suggesting that deans and chairs perform some of these incumbent interviews and observations before there is a need to hire. If we  make the list of KSAOs for various roles now, especially those with smaller faculty pools, it will save time and headache later. 

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