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Career colleges can opt for an Advisory Board or a Board of Directors. There are many parameters to consider when selecting directors for the Board.

It is extremely important to determine if a prospective board member is truly interested in serving. This will enable you to fill your board with individuals that are invested and committed to the program's advancement.

When choosing a board member it can't be because you like them as an individual. You want to choose someone that will bring efficacy and at times challenge you to make improvements.


Carefully choosing your Board members is an important factor if you want to optimize the board's effectiveness.

Forming a board is very important! Making sure carefully choosing the board members is a very important factor. 


When forming an advisory or governing board.  It is important to assess the demographics of the student population and the stakeholders in the community they will serve.  The members should be nonbias and highly diversified.  In addition, there should be an odd number of individuals to avoid a deadlock when making decisions. 


Choosing a governing or advisory board which is representative of both the student population and the surrounding community is vital for creating an organization which is impactful and sustainable. Too often in our field we see schools open up only to shut down shortly due to conflicts of interest, non- compliance with rules and regulations, or mistakes made due to ignorance on the part of the committees which are created to ensure success. The process of selecting board members is going to require sound judgment to ensure we select individuals who are capable of carrying out their defined roles & responsibilities.  

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Hi Melissa, 

The idea of having an odd number of individuals is a great suggestion. 

Its critical the structure and formation of sub-committees to better serve the institution.