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Leadership | Origin: LS101R

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Do You Manage Or Lead? --> Leadership

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I learned that Leaders set the vision, inspire and keeps the team moving to accomplish the mission. Managers are hands-on to make sure the team is executing and achieving the goals.

I learned that leaders are visionary, and the managers keeps the ball rolling.

The difference between leaders and managers are not always clear. However, leaders inspire groups of people and managers get the job done.

Leaders are the visionaries and managers keep every one task. 

Human resource is very significant to overall effectiveness of the organization therefore leaders play a very important role in the overall success . Leaders are the visionaries.

Leaders establish the goal and vision.  Mangers create the plan and work with individuals or groups to achieve the goal.  Both are equally important but companies that have leaders increase their value by 14+ percent.  Companies need to have leaders and set the VISION. (Your either busy growing or your busy dying) 

I learned that leadership and management are not interchangeable terms. Rather, their roles are well-defined, but often confused. Also, the idea that you can't teach someone to be a leader is a myth.

I have learned that leadership and management are often confused as having the same meaning with goals and visions in mind. Leadership is engraved in all of us. 

I feel like I am in the middle. Sometimes I come up with what I feel are great impactful ideas but do not know how to execute them. Or I can carry out and execute someone's vision and idea while deligating and managing the project. 

An effective manager supports its leaders by keeping the whole team focused on the goal and takes extra steps to ensure that the leader can implement the changes.

Leaders lead and managers manage. Leaders are the people who encourage and motivate. Managers are the ones who pay attention to the details and check off the boxes. They can be  the same person but also can be performed by many people. Positions of authority doesnt automatically mean leader.

I tend to flex with managing and leading.  I can get into the details, but prefer the bird's eye view and inspiring teamwork.

Leadership and Managers require 2 very different skills. 

managers keep things rolling smoothly. While leaders role out different balls to see what works better.

Someone in a supervisory role is in a position to manage and lead at the same time. 

Leadership is about influencing others to meet the vision of the company. Just because someone has a position of leadership does not mean they are a good leader. Studying principles of leadership can help someone become a better leader.

Hello Everyone

I do Lead, before I request anything to my team, I do it first and I am always looking to transform my team for better at the professional and personal level.

Hello Everyone

Managers and leaders are very import parts of any organization, both are doing different tasks and responsibilities and they both complement each other.

I learned that leaders are vision oriented and that managers keeps everyone on their toes.  

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