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Preparing Students to Become Good Online Learners --> Online Persona

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

It is important to understand the general workload of a student per week which was stated as 3-5 hrs of coursework time needed to read, understand, and articulate information in discussion boards. It was also good to remind instructors that learners with potential disabilities will still need consideration in an online envionrment.

Time management and accommodations are key to success.

I learnedfrom this Students should realize that online classes require as much time and commitment (or more) than traditional face-to-face classesmodule that 

I learned that online classes have to be very structured and well put together for all students.  Not every student learns the same way and some will have trouble with online classes.  Students have to manage their time in order to stay structured.  

Be aware of student accomadations and convey to them the importance of time management.


It is important for the E-learning instructor to view the E-learning environment from the student perspective if they have never taught online before. Istructors have a responsibility in identifying students weakness and addressing them immediately while keepin students motivated.

I don't know if it was new information, but it is good to be reminded about intrinsic vs extrinsic motivation. How students motivate themselves to complete a course is important. I liked the idea of the student inventory/survey to integrate into my class. 

As the instrutor is important to evaluate your circumstances to see if you are going to be an effective online instructor. In addition, students must do a self evaluation to determine if an online course is something that they want to engage in.


Making a schedule for students. Be aware of their online learning needs and make sure to make modifications if needed

It will take a lot more understanding and evaluation of the needs of students with learning disabilities. You need to understand what exactly what accomodation each student will need in order for them to be succesful. The first individualized meeting will be vital to get the information you need from the student and their parent if appropriate. 

I had a couple ah ha moments while reading this module on how to recognize both teacher and student readiness for online learning. Students have to assume more responsibility with an online curriculum, so students will have to self-evaluate their external environment and their internal drive and perhaps make some adjustments in order to be successful in the online platform.  There is so much opportunity for students to be proactive in setting their own learning pace and meet the challenge of online learning, while we all adjust to the shelter in place school year. The module provided strategies on how to keep students motivated and how to draw in the reluctant learner or how to better support all students by understanding their individual needs.

One of the most important things to remember is workload and how long it will take a student to complete an assignment. Time management is also a chief component for students and instructors.


I learned a lot about how to provide for students with special needs, such as, allowing them additional time on tests/assignments or providing the opportunity take an oral exam instead. I am going to look into reader software, i had never heard of this before.

I learnt about importance of analysing readiness of instructor and student to online instruction, motivation, time management and need to plan for accomodations for students with special needs.

I will link the analogy of excellent organization of a closet or space to effective time management.

Preparing Students to Become Good Online Learners --> Online Persona

It is essential to provide appropriate interventions to help students overcome certain disabilities or develop startegies to assist in the learning process. 

Although the class is online, as a teacher I need to remember how important feedback is.  I need to be giving positive feedback to keep the kids motivated.  


In this artcile we dive deeper into what it takes to provide a effective online course. Step one is assessment both for instructor and for student. Both parties must identify their strengths and weaknesses. They must both focus on using their strengths to their full capability and finding strategies to improve upon the weaknesses. Time management is talked about in great deal. Both instructor and student must figure out what is proficient for them through the course. deadlines and time frames should be clear and concise.

Teachers need to personally assess their skills and develop compensatory strategies.  One hour online of instruction typically takes 10-20 hours of preparation offline.  Expect students to set aside 3-5 hours per week for readings, and other contributions to an online class.  Be creative in how you support special needs students.  Student motivation is the biggest factor in online success so praise early and often and make the first few assignments those they can easily accomplish.


As online instustors, we must have a clearly defined syllabus for succint instructions on assignments, due dates and requirements for the particular course. Each student will have unique challenges to online learning so it may benefit the instuctor to have a survey prior to the beginning of the course to identify students particular needs. By identifying strengths and weaknesses, the instuctor can specifically address the individual students who need the assistance to ensure their success.


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