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Digital Citizenship | Origin: EL114

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Respecting Copyrights and Leveraging Available Resources --> Digital Citizenship

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

Teach the students to be good digital citizens using the practices learned from this course and incorporate them into everyday life.

Model behaviors of a good digital citizen to students and other faculty.

Be proactive and teach everyone at your institution to be a good digital citizenship. 


Digital citizenship is something that we as instructors have to consently enforce due to the fact that our students have so many projects to present. Our institution has done really well with educating our students and we also continue to find out new ways to help our students and staff stay aware. 


In this module I have learned begin to work on copyright permissions 4–6 months before the course starts; check to see if the materials to be used are public domain or copyrighted; decide if the materials are directly related, appropriate, and meaningful for teaching of the course; decide if the materials are important and meet Section 110 of the Copyright.

We have to remember that material is subject to copyright restrictions even if not formally on file with the government.  We need to be clear what material is in the public domain and what is not.

In this module I have reviewed ways for instructors and institutions to make use of materials for educatonal purposes


It is the instructor's responsibility to review the necessary reasons for copyright use and therefore their responsibility to request permission to use the copywrited material.


I learned that I need to check with and see what policies each institution has regarding copyright policies. Does the institution have staff available to guide instructors through the legality of using other material? I think that, if possible, it might be a good idea to steer clear of any organization that doesn't have these things.


Institutions, instructors, and students need to be proactive in getting copyright clearance when using outside sources.


Due to the fact that copyright information can change, it is best to have a dedicated staff member, faculty or intern to monitor this for the campus. Things can change very quickly on the internet.

The proactive approach to avoiding oopyright infringement is best, to aoid problems before they get started. All teachers and students should be educated about copyright law and how to obtain permissions. Instructors should not use branded products in assignments, and libraries might maintain collections of non-copyrighted workds to use as substitutes. Copyrights should be sought 4-6 months before the anticipated class use, and students should be instructed about avoiding copyrighted works in creating assignments.

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