Joshua Ward

Joshua Ward

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The importance of emotional intelligence.

It seems to me that having people skills would be common sense but their is always opportunity for things to be better.

By learning each students name you are showing them respect.

It is important to have a plan because without a plan you are planning to fail. Be respectful, hold students accountable, and be a person of integrity.

I loved this section because this exactly how I act in my class. I always show respect, everyone is mister or miss, I try to always be prepared, and I always dress as a professional. I really enjoyed this section.

We use assessments to ensure the students are learning and retaining the information from lecture/readings. This section provided me with more understanding of how we can curtail our exams to drive certain points home.

In order to ensure your students are comprehending the information you must provide more than just one type of assessment. This section covered many different avenues that can be used to be effective.

To keep students engaged it is important to ask questions that are relevant and can be expanded on.

Everyone has a different learning style and understanding that the way I learn is going to differ from the way the students may learn I know that I am going to have to adapt and structure my lessons to include all of the different learning styles.

In this module, I've gained valuable insights into how a well-structured online format helps students learn. 

One significant lesson I've learned is how valuable quizzes can be, after this learning I plan to apply by this knowledge by implementing quick quizzes as a break from lecture.

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