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internship can be a very benefitial experience for the student and should be of help for the company that takes them in also.

In order to properly evaluate the student there are certain things that must be done:

Keep a close supervision of the student

Make sure that he keeps a record of his shores and hours in order to be able to see if the requirements are met

Always Provide Feedback As To The Pro's and Con's of Internship, So Program Officials Can Aid In Developing Better Outcomes For Students. 

Tracking your work and what you learrned is important. Feedback is valuable to both employee and employer. 

To start the internship, it is important to have contract signed between the student and supervisor. This will be great way to specify job responsibilities and policies for both sides. Another good idea is to keep communications open to ensure that expectations are met.  Both student-intern and the supervisor should keep journals to document the work done and the hours worked.

As a possible supervisor to a student-intern, I will offer a project and help the student to complete it. I will ask the students to submit self-evaluation for their completed portions and will set up time to discuss with them areas for need of improvement.

I do have a question. If an intern decides that the career path he has choosen is not for him for whatever reason, will that end up as a job that he quit permanently on his record since he was not officially hired? If it dosen't leave a negative permanent record than that would be a definite plus for both employer and employee. The employer dosen't end up with an unhappy employee, and the employee dosen't end up with a career he dislikes without damaging his record.


Documentation of learning experiences, outcomes should be required. It is also important to assess the effectiveness of programs and identify what needs to change.

Intership is a symbiotic relationship and we should promote the process.

Internships are contractural relationships that have pre-determined objectives that are required to be met.  While in an intern status, the intern would need to document thier hours and ensure that the arrangement is adequate (from their perspective) to meet their objective requirements.  At the same time, the supervisor should be monitoring the progress of the intern throught the intern phase through visits, projects, and presentations.  This enhances the learning experience and establishes a portfolio going forward.

Use Contractrs with students to have clear outcomes, students will know what is expected of them.  The supervisor should be involved and communicating with all parties.


Keeping a record of work performance and feelings are important to help evaluate and learn from the entire experience.