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ChatGPT Background | Origin: ED148

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ChatGPT and Its Educational Uses --> ChatGPT Background

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

I have learned the purpose behind he use of ChatGPT. 

The ChatGPT  its a great tool to have a base on a topic later to develop

Ive leaned that ChatGPT is new and the potential uses are only being discovered. I would like to explore ways to utilize this AI to deliver lessons in customizable ways to compliment the students various learning styles.

This is a great introduction. I've been involved with AI for a little bit, so for me this was more of a review. I think everyone who is not in tune with AI could greatly benefit from learning this information.  My biggest concerns (with all technology) have always been the dangers, considerations, etc.  Will higher ed have a standard or guidelines? Can they - while AI is still in a huge growth mode?  "How do you catch a wave upon the sand?"

I have learned new things about AI and subfields of AI and the benefits of using ChatGPT. 

I have learned the origins of AI, and how it has become so popular amongst people today, and that it still needs a lot of improvement to become more successful. 

I learned a bit more about the emergence of AI and the different branches of AI. I had heard the terms "machine learning" and "OpenAI" before and had a general idea of what these were, but it was nice to learn a little more about the specifics and fill in some knowledge gaps.

This was a great intro to the different types of AI, Open AI, and Chat GPT. I learned about the potential of AI in education, particularly around increasing access and personalizing the educational experience for students.

This demonstrates the power of human intelligence that when joined together, we can innovate such a remarkable piece of technology. It's too bad that with that intelligence also comes the ability to completely destroy each other.

Chat GPT, AI and Bots potential is in time and cost savings. This also allow for students to potentially utilize the experience in a more personal way.

i have learned what an ai bot is and the benifits are.

I have understand the origins and the current applications of AI. Also the four groups where AI is in use. 

I reviewed the brief history of AI bots, the four fields of AI, the benefits of AI, and Open AI and Chat GPT. 

ChatGPT can be a great tool for students and instructors alike. However, there are drawbacks, which will become significant for instructors, such as the strong potential for academic dishonesty.

I believe, we as educators, need to try and be at least one step ahead of the students when it comes to AI.  AI needs to be introduced to the students in a way of promoting correct and safe use..

I appreciated learning more about Open AI which is currently in the news. I learned some ways it can benefit students with varying needs, but am anxious to learn how to harness its power and not be a crutch which can be a huge detriment to a child's education.

Seeing the benefits and keeping an open mind. Moving forward, I will review the research to learn how I can incorporate AI into the online educational forum and to influence others to do the same. 

I have seen the drawbacks of AI when students use it to create papers, discussion posts, etc. So far, this course has highlighted some of the benefits of AI that I had not previously considered.

I've learned that OpenAI founders are more concerned about the dangers and risks of AI, which is why they share codes and policies publicly. That's a responsible attitude.

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