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Setting Goals for Integrating Technology | Origin: ED126

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Integrating Technology into Education --> Setting Goals for Integrating Technology

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You need everyone's buy-in and be able to articulate the benefits of the technology.

Been on this Rodeo several times, it take a lot of patience and charity to keep from being frustrated with the system as well as co-faculty members or co-workers that are frustrated like you. It takes time but eventully everyone buys in and it works itself out and makes our jobs so much easier and stremlined,

WIIFM - What's in it for me.  That is a great acronym to capture an important concept, that there needs to be a benefit for all stakeholders for a successful implementation. If you cannot identify benefits for all, there is a chance that it's not the right tool to implement. Just keep looking and networking to find the best fit for all.


Communication is important to make sure programs are working and which areas of specific programs need to be changed or modified for student learning.


Making sure all stakeholders interest and needs can be met


I agree with Salvatore for me good communication is very important for any and programs to work 


Since teaching online, I have instituted lots of technology-related communication that has become available. What I especially like is the ability to use a whiteboard on most media communications  


In today's technological advancement, using technology is an important elelment for educational institution, especially it applied to current Covid-19 Pandemic situation where most if not all educational institutions (Globally) using distant education through online learning platform.

Reply to Barbara Anthony's post:Yes I totally agree with you here Barbara and just to add my thoughts to your wonderful post, stakeholders are critical part of any organization as they all have vested interest in your organization and you certainly don't want any stakeholder left out which may actually damage your organizational reputation and goodwill.

It has been beneficial to find technology that simulates face to face interaction. Being able to communicate with students in various platforms that helps to target their specific way of learning, makes there growth exponential.

Need to remeber there are many stake holders and you need everyone of them to buy in


I realized that my buy-in to the program is extremely important



Definately need to get students and faculty to believe in the importance of technology in the classroom.

To  better teach the students an instructor should get training also for better student outcome 

The information provided here was very good in regards to who you need buy-in from to make technology in the classroom work to the best of its ability. I enjoyed the information that was provided. 


In order to improve education, student experience when learning, and teacher experience when teaching, technology could be integrated.

A plan has to be developed. For this plan the program has to be evaluated and an input from all educational stakeholders has to be obtained.

Question like … what it is, how this would improve my curricula, where to be used, how to be used, how much will cost, how much money will save the school, what professional development or training is need it, how would be the implementation process.... would help to make the plan. 

There are multiple stakeholder groups that make up colleges/univerisities that must be considered and included when making technlogy changes. Also, planning is paramount to the success of the appropriate and accurate development and implementation of technology. Vendors should be vetted to ensure they are not just selling their product.


The first step is to identify what areas of education/instruction need to be improved.  Student surveys are often the best place to get this information.  Then, you should research availalbe technology from reputable sites like EDUCAUSE and the USDE's Office of Educational Technology.  I think the most difficult part of implementation, once the needed technology is chosen/determined, is developing a plan that determines all stakeholders and clearly indicates the benefits to all stakeholders, especially the students.  Providing the right amount and type of training on how to use the technology to both staff and students, is vital for buy-in and successful implementation and use of the technology.

To provide quality education, the institution as a whole must have an input.

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