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This module revealed the importance of strategic study skills to each students prgress and success. 


Scaffolding the daily class using guided nots during Powerpoints becomes active learning grafic organizers and Acronyms can assist with attaching visuals to key elements of course content which will assist students in reating material. All of this breaks down material in a way that also helps the student recode information on a personal level.

This section was especially insightful with the discussion of Mnemonics - it is a tool that I use myself and will use to help students. 

Try and highlight in your lectures what you want your students to remember


Scaffolding and mnemonics seem to be two of the preferred ways for learners and even instructors to retain what they have learned. Guided notes must always be a part of your teaching.

Scaffolding is a great tactic for the students to go to the key point in an efficient way

I use process charts or flow charts.

The use of scaffolding and guided notes stood out as strong techniques to assist with student learning and retention of new information.

By using scaffolding my students will have a little reinforcement which will allow them to start remembering with out the use of the scaffold. Using mnemonics will be a fun and helpful lesson assistant for my students as well helping them retain information.

Good notes as fill in the blank, mnemonics, key words, are all great tools for helping students to retain and retrieve important information in the class.

Mnemonics can be helpful, but sometimes they are a barrier to students deeper learning. For example I have had issues making students see past PEMDAS in algebra. 

I learned that methods such as mnemonics and scaffolding are very helpful.

Acrostic is a new word for me! I have been calling it a mnemonic.

Guided notes have always been the center piece of my lectures in class, however, I now know that guided notes alone will not bring them as far as they can with the lecture in question. Using mnemonics is something I have been trying to incorporate more into the classroom, as well as graphic organizers, and the results are a stark difference in learned materials. I need to incorporate these techniques more if I want to improve student improvement! 

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