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I have learned that there are various ways that are available that may help instruct my students.  Adaptive learning is a way to personalize the educational experience to students with varying comprehension levels.  The use of an intelligent tutor is a great way to monitor these levels.  However, the course has yet to give any examples of adaptive learning tools that are available.

Adaptive learning seems like an ideal way for the students to learn.  A lot would depend on the software, the buy in of the institution, the students and the instructor.

There are many ways that are available that may help students learn.  Adaptive learning is a way to personalize the educational experience of students with different comprehension levels.  The use of an intelligent tutor is a great way to monitor these levels.  The tutor is available 24/7 which is great for students.

Adaptive learning looks promising, and the concept of teh Intelligent Tutor would be of great benefit, especially for instructors who, because of large class size, are not able to give intensive assistance to students who are encountering difficulty. Many students wait until they are so far behind that they ask for help far too late; the tutor would be of invaluable help to the student, and the instructor can provide folow-up. I doi have questions about the suitability of AL for majors that are time-intensive, such as health professions such as medicine, dentistry, and nursing.


I have learned that with adaptive learning, my remedial students may be able to learn as well as the non-remedial students.  The key is to keep them engaged, and interested in their learning.


Adaptive learning is a great tool that can serve as an excellent complement for any other type of learning/teaching process.

The main contribution of adaptive learning is to teach the subjects at the student's own pace, therefore they can achieve all the necessary knowledge to become profecient in the matter without the set backs that an ordinary teaching method can create. For example, the lack of participation in a classroom due to enbarasment with other student for not been as fast learner as some others.

So, integrating adaptive learning can help all students at their own pace to achieve the necessary knowledge in order to comply with the requirements of the scool. 

I have learned that adaptive learnig is a great way to compliment the teaching program at any level.

It must definitly be use to encourage the the students to learn at their own level of comprehention and capacity.

It is also very flexible and can be personalize so every student can go at their own pace.

The Covid 19 pandemic has really helped bring adaptive learning to  the fore.Instructors are integrating technology in ways never before done . It remains to be seen whether this type of remote learning (especially in younger learners) will lead to greater retention.


The important thing about adaptive learning is that it provides an individualized approach to learning.

What I have learned is that adaptive learning which uses computer algorithms to orchestrate the interaction with the learner and deliver customized resources and learning activities to address the unique needs of each learner. In professional learning contexts, individuals may "test out" of some training to ensure they engage with novel instruction. Computers adapt the presentation of educational material according to students' learning needs, as indicated by their responses to questions, tasks, and experiences. This technology encompasses aspects derived from various fields of study.



Adaptive Learning expands educational opportunities using technological advances. It offers personalized learning, real time feedback and self-paced progression so students can learn at their own speed and appropriate level. This can help increase engagement and builds on previously learned information.


The university I worked for uses adoptive learning toold which has built-in intelligent tutor which helps students 24/7 with any issues they may have or if any student struggle to understand the concept. The Intelligent Tutor helps the student with imbedded knowledge and examples and create a clear understanding of the subject matter or the topic within the subject matter.

Reply to Linda Burnette's post:I agree with you Linda and just to add my thoughts to your post, it provides individualized approaches to a certain degree and within the threshold of knowledge related to the subject matter, but it doesn't go beyond required knowledge, however, the areas of learning is pretty wide spread. Thank you. Anwar

I learned how important  is adaptive learning in today's teaching.


 Adaptive learning allows students extra time when needed to accomplish the learning tasks so the pressure tocomplete on a timetble is removed allowing the student to focus on the task rather than how much time he has remaining to complete the task.