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Preparation for Lesson Planning | Origin: ED109

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Preparing and Creating Lesson Plans --> Preparation for Lesson Planning

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

Decide what to teach and be competent in the subject matter. A good instructor should be able to remain flexible and adaptable while being aware of the compression factor. Know your audience so you can identify instructional deliveries that work with the CURRENT class setting. Each and every class will be different!

Be flexible with your students.

Prepare tour classes with enough time in order to have your lessons ready.

Understand your position, your strengths and weaknesses. 


Flexibility is key. Also structure the interrelated topics for not only logical flow, but to illustrate their interrelation, and perhaps to refresh previous topics or prepare for upcoming topics.

Thank you for the great presentation.

What I teach is more technical and practical, but I do have to be very organized in how i lay out the content. The compression factor is definetly something I deal with, but I keep a detailed calendar and plenty to keep the students busy and moving forward.

Using assessments early and often to gauge student knowledge, learning and to assist in pacing the course. 



Knowing what your students already know helps in time management. At the same time, it will help you determine better ways on how to keep them engaged with the lessons.

this module is i good refresher for adapting to the realities of teaching perpetration class establishment. 

I have learned so far that planning is key to maintain an efficient pace during a block of instruction. Failure to plan is definetely planning to fail!

Compression factor can be a problem with inexperiencec instructors but I found that the more I knew about the subject I taught the les and les time I found that I had to finish in the alotted classroom, theory time. Go figure.

Constructing a good lesson plan will give an organized framework for a teacher to utilize throughout the day. Adjustments to the plan can be made for the following day to help keep the teacher on track and within curriculum goals.

I've learned it is important to determine the level of previous knowledge and get an idea of cognitive abilities in order to plan lessons that utilize time effectively and determine how much time a lesson may take. Time should be left within a session timeline to answer questions, offer extra help and address emergent matters and extra work should be provided in case the content goes very quicky and time is left in the session. Also, it is important to engage learners with resources such as newspaper articles, books, and Internet resources that are relevant to the subject matter. I will definitely keep the time considerations in mind and try to engage students as much as possible with outside resources and activities that help them to interact with the content.

Teaching isn't "One size fits all."

Know the material, and how to explain it to each unique student. 


Always be prepaired. You have to think ahead when it comes to being in front of students and being the example. 

Know what you are teaching and know your audience. To be successful, you will need to be organized and focused. Don't waste your students time, it's their education.

Effective lesson planning is the foundation of effective teaching.  Planning a lesson in a vacuum, without understanding the audience will result in time wasted (either going over information the class as a whole already understands or from time being needed to answer inordinate amount of questions as a result of gaps in knowledge from the onset).   Starting with an understanding of the students, this allows for content and tempo planning.


How do you learn what your students know to prep for a course. You can the content. Another good idea is to create 

a pretest for your class it will show some knowledge of writing skills and understand their basics as well.


good insight and structure 


Plan for time compression.

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