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Preparing Yourself for the Classroom | Origin: ED105

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Instructional Planning for Student Success --> Preparing Yourself for the Classroom

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

Beng prepared coming to class with materials and letting the students know what I am about to teach ahead of time.

Doing more reflection on what my personality/teaching style is and how to reach each student. 

Understanding my personality type is paramount when approaching a classroom and being prepared is an ultimate form of respect to the students.

Handing out different color papers may help to stimulate learning.  No better way to facilitate learning than to be prepared

Try and observe and evaluate your students so you can apply the kind of teaching that gets the best result in their learning process. 

How to make effective PowerPoints and considering different senses when teaching students is one of my main takeaways from this course.  Sometimes we only think that vision and hearing are the main senses students learn from, but it is important to consider touch, smell too. I really liked the analogy of drinking the coffee and comparing it with using all the senses. Thanks!

Respect the learning environment by coming prepared and assessing how my style works with my learners.


I found the material very helpful in managing a classroom and will use suggestions made during this tutorial.


I have learned that I need to learn more about my personality and my teaching style. Be prepared and learn how to adapt and change to my students learning needs.

I have learned that field trips and guest speakers have a great impact on students by giving them a real world view and also a differant perspective on what I have taught them.


I learned that I should reflect more about my teaching methods so I can keep improving and how my attitude affects the students.

There are several interesting things to learn in this module.

To know yourself and to get to know your students are very important.

To be neet and organized will give your students a sence of your respect and care for them.

so, planning your classes will make you a better teacher.

Guest speakers are a very important tool tha can be used for improving your class management. 



In the busy world of teaching it is easy to neglect reflection.  Journaling experiences and being prepared are keys to success.


I am usually early to class and ready for the students. This material has reinforce to me that I am on the right path. I also learned that I should evaluate my personality type and instruction style. Will need to gather the positive aspects of the different intruction styles and make it my own.

That there numerous types of instructors. You teaching style may need to change depending on the class. Things are always changing. 

Be early and prepared. 


Reminds me of what I thought and when I thought it when I first started teaching the trades. Confidence is very important. Being well prepared and knowledge based is critical. Students can feel the confidence, knowledge and authority their instructors have.


First, learn on who you are and how your personality fits within a given teaching style. Be prepared and connect to your students by being available.

Learn more about my self and my style as well as understand how I may be perceived by my students so that I may better communicate to and intruct the material at hand.


Being organized and ready to present class, will  show to the students that you are ready to teach them with confidence and preparation.

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