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Francesca Gerard

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more in depth difference between soft skills, hard skills and workplace behavior

Soft skills influences your career.

Incorporating various learning methods is essential to helping students become successful as they learn. Also, lesson plans are especially useful  to stay organized and on task.

First impression is everything! Show your students that you are interested in who they are! Set a warm and welcoming atmosphere :)

Preparation is KEY!  Teaching environment sets the tone for learners. Setting goals and writing instructional objectives makes it clear to both students and teachers to stay on task.

Professional development is essential to strengthening your practice as an educator.

Reply to Angela Frimpong's post: Hi Angela! I agree with you completely! Visual aids are useful. There are so many different learning styles and we have to meet those needs to actively engage the audience.

Preparation is key to effective presentations.

Discussion Comment

I agree that everyone is different, but contsrutice critisim (positives and negatives) are beneficial for performance.

In this course, I learned that communication is essential to clearly set expectations. In that process, it's important to reflect and draft thoughts beforehand.

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