Mitchell Wander

Mitchell Wander

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Course grades provide feedback to the student but also data for the instructor to infer learning effectiveness.


Putting objective and sequencing into a rubric enables the students to understand what you expect during the course.


You need to consider exactly how a discussion board supports learning and student involvement.


A course only can make sense if the modules have a similar format and feel (template usage).


Use email carefully and respond to students promptly.


The synchronous response is not the answer for everything. It has to be used for the appropriate situations and goals.


Apply teaching using a robust understanding of student success and the need for strong instructor support to make that happen.


Complexity and breadth of instructor role - plus the need for supporting infrastructure in order to succeed. 


Sometimes when a student wants a deep dive into a topic, I suggest a free Coursera course specific to their needs.

Instructors need to connect the course materials and activities with meaningful, desired course outcomes. Everything needs to have a purpose.


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