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Think of blogs as self-published mini articles. Share your experiences and challenges. Share your successful and failed strategies. Share your proven techniques and best practices. And don’t forget to solicit comments from your peers so we can all learn from the collective knowledge and expertise of our thriving community.

eLearning Environments

I think one of the most significat items in developing a class is to have it organized and presented clearly for the students. 

This is important because when they log in and read over the syllabus and tasks, if they have too man un-answered questions it delays they from getting started with the owork.  After teaching a class a few times, I know the top 10 questions the students always ask, so I create a list of these questions with answers and I email it to the students on the first day of class.  This reduces the confusion and gets… >>>

Maria Villasmil

Online learning has facilitated the development of digital skills, which I have been developing and applying in the course of everyday work.
It is very important to navigate the technology on the Web, so my plan as a teacher and student is to continue developing and applying digital skills.

What does eLearning Currently mean?

My sense is that most learning environments integrate some form of eLearning now. The lines between online and F2F are disappearing because most resources are now online.  I think we are slowing down the developmnet process by continuing to see ourselves in one or the other "mode".  The more we learn and become familiar with online, the more helpful our courses will be to students and also the less we will remove oursleves from what we really need to participate in - I'd love to hear from others on this....

I am a novice

I am just testing the water.... a lot to learn.

Action Plan

I plan on utilizing th instructiuon design plan to review the existing courses that we have in order to better effect student outcomes.  In addition, modeling the course content through course design templatees should improve the feel of courses across different ointrucorts as well.

New to this

Just posting as I am getting my feet wet with this online education.   Thank you!!!

Online Courses

Online courses are very good.  My organization uses them mainly for a distance learning phase, followed by a in-classroom phase.


Excellent course as it provided a world of knowledge on information alreadly known to new information.  It help me hit the reset button on my previous thoughts and provided a way forward.  Great course


Dr. Sampson

Tips for Retention ~ EL201

I really enjoyed this course which was chock full of great information to enhance online learners experience and retain them as students. As we are instructing "online" our tone may not be reflected in virtual messages we are sending. Therefore, I really appreciated the examples of "positive language" we can use to address student issues, and concerns, including the use of emoticons which further express our feelings that cannot be seen in a virtual message. As noted in the presentation, "The words we use reveal much about our attitudes and intentions. It is important to be thoughtful with language and… >>>

Blog vs Discussion

I'm not sure I understand the difference between a blog and a discussion if anyone can start a new discussion and anyone can comment on a blog.

Technology for All

The modern world of education is more than the old 3-R's.  It means staying current with developing trends in technology. No longer is it sufficient to provide written material even if it is enhanced with graphics and charts. Today's students crave interaction with their coursework as much as they do in their everyday lives. Text-heavy content can dull the attempt to present fresh new material. Cliche graphics no longer stand the test of time in a world of nano-bites, and nano-seconds. Time is limited and attention spans short when it comes to actual time on task, so educators need to… >>>


Having knowledge of the courses makes it very easy to teach and deliver the material. Less reading out og books

Action Plan

This module provide a nice basis to integrate the ideas pf structural integrity, navigational simplicity, active leaner centered learning, and intellectural interaction in my online classes.


I creat quite a few motivational announcments ane emails throughout my courses.  This tends to really help my students and I get a lot of feedback on the impact it has on them to continue with school. 

Organization is Key!

I believe that organization is the key to creating a successful e-learning environment.  Students must be able to easily navigate the site and understand where all course materials are located.  I also find it useful to guide the student with appropriate settings that force a student to complete prerequisites first.  Check Your Understanding quizzes at the end of each lesson or module are also beneficial to gauge student understanding of the material.

Best Practices

Engage learners in frequent discussions and promt students to respond with critical thinking

Using what I learned

I learned that my presence in an online course is very important.  My students must know that I am there and they can reach out to me at any time.  Making my presence known in the course will allow students who may be struggling that I am available and encourage them to complete the course.


My goal as an instructor is to ensure the content being presented is received and learned. I want to give my students real world examples to help reinforce the content being presented in the classroom. The course has given me a better understanding of how I can not only reach me students but help them learn. I plan to utilize some of the examples provided in the course in the classroom.

think big

i like this program

Looking for samples of high value

I would love to see what others are doing to engage a high level of online learning through the use of media options.  If you can share, please provide a link that I can visit.